Provision of External Audit Services for Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (BSPHCDA) MoU for the year 2021


Dear Sir/Madam,


Request for Proposal (RFP) for the selection of external auditors


Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency is inviting tenders from reputable firms with relevant experience and good track record to bid for the provision of external audit services for the state PHCMOU. The services required are outlined in the Scope of Work.


Bid timeline:



Due date


SBSPHCDA sends a Request for Proposal (RFP)

7th –21st  December2021


Audits firms submit proposal to SPHCDA


21st  - 24th December, 2021


BSPHCDA FWG evaluates Audit firms & selects based on their submitted proposals

   3rd  –5th of January,2022


  • BSPHCDA issues award letter to selected Audit firm and signs contract with the firm

5th– 6thof January2022


  • Audit commences

17th of January, 2022


While the timeline for the RFP is quite short, the evaluation team is committed to addressing any queries raised through the submission process and the pre-bid meetings. It is important that all queries be submitted as soon as possible to provide as much clarity as possible and effect any necessary changes prior to the submission date.


RFP Submission Process

  1. The RFP Proposals are to be submitted in writing to:

The Executive Chairman,

Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency

Bauchi State


  1. Bids to be submitted in 2 sealed envelopes in accordance with the schedule outlined below:

  • Envelope 1 – Technical proposal, including proposed work plan, resources and supporting

  • Envelope 2 – Cost proposal, completed costing template and supporting assumptions


3. The following information should be written on the outside of each envelope:

  • RFP-2021EXAUDIT 01

  • Description of contents (i.e.: Technical proposal or cost proposal)

  • Attention of: Executive Chairman

  • Name & contact information of organization submitting proposal


Submission of Queries

For all queries during the RFP process, the following contact should be used, noting that all contact should be in writing and only to this contact. All other queries will be disregarded; email:,

Please be sure to include the following subject Title: RFP Number Query Your Company Name and Date i.e.: RFP- EX AUDIT 01 ABC Company Name 27112021

Please note all costs associated with these submissions are the responsibility of the bidding organization and are non-refundable.

Yours Faithfully


Dr Rilwanu Mohammed, MBBS,FWACP, FIIN

Executive Chairman













Contents of Request for Proposal (RFP) Document

The following document provides a background and outlines the requirements for external audit services. The RFP document is broken into several sections listed below and will be updated as necessary to include any additional addenda released prior to the submission due date of submission of the RFP. Any reference to the RFP document includes all the contents unless specifically mentioned otherwise.



SECTION II: DISCLAIMER……………………………………………………………………. 4




SECTION VI: APPENDIX …………………………………………………………………… 19



Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency (BSPHCDA) is inviting proposals from qualified organizations based on the terms and conditions captured in this RFP document.

Please note that this RFP is not an agreement and its purpose is to provide the bidder(s) with information to assist them in the formulation of their proposals. Bidders should carefully examine and analyze the RFP, carry out their own investigations with respect to all matters related to the work, seek professional advice on technical, financial, legal, and regulatory and taxation matters and satisfy themselves of the consequences of entering into any agreement and / or arrangement relating to the project. BSPHCDA makes no representation or warranty and shall incur no liability under any law as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained in the RFP.





1. Background

BSPHCDA is a Parastatals of the Bauchi State Ministry of Health, responsible for developing policies, planning &coordinating the implementation of primary healthcare service delivery programs in Bauchi State.

The agency is charged with providing the leadership that supports the design & executions of high quality PHC interventions, which are sustainable & accessible to the entire population in partnership& collaboration with all stakeholders.

In line with its mandate, one of Bauchi SPHCDA’s top priorities is strengthening the Routine Immunization system to ensure all children are reached with lifesaving vaccines to reduce childhood death from vaccine-preventable diseases. To this end, Bauchi State executed a multipartite MOU with BMGF, Dangote Foundation & USAID to sustainably fund an intervention to strengthen the PHC system& improve vaccination coverage in the State.

With funding from the MOU Bauchi SPHCDA procured cold chain & other equipment required for effective delivery of immunization services. The MOU has facilitated direct transfer of operational funds to LGAs & health facilities for delivery of RI services.

The SPHCDA in collaboration with its partners has taken steps to strengthen the financial management system & ensure the RI program reaps the full benefits of the MOU funding. These interventions include:

  • Development of annual fully-costed work plans inclusive of all PHC partners in the state

  • Establishment of bank accounts at all levels and transitioning to direct electronic funds transfer to end users & service providers at state, LGA, Ward& health facility levels.

  • Deployment of standardized tools for fund retirements at all levels & capacity building for all end users 

  • Institution of a fund utilization tracking approach through validation checks.

As part of efforts to foster financial transparency & accountability, the SPHCDA commissions ‘annual external audits to review the PHC MOU financial transactions to identify gaps & propose interventions to further strengthen the system. The exercise is also expected to assess the Agencies level of compliance with financial & accountability best practices in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.


2. Objectives

The goal of the external audit is to verify in the auditor’s opinion, that annual SPHCDA PHC MOU accounts provide a true and fair picture of the program’s finances; and that the use of funds is in accordance with the aims and objective as outlined in the MOU agreement.

More specifically, the external audits exercise will determine whether the;

  • SPHCDA financial position at the end of the fiscal year, as well as its fund flows over the course of the fiscal year are presented accurately& fairly in accordance with IFRS and other applicable financial frameworks.

  • RI program funds have been used in conformity with the provisions of the MOU agreement, including the approved annual work plan and budget.

  • Book of account reconciled with the bank statement provided over the fiscal year duration.

  • Asset utilized for the program are well documented and appropriately depreciated where possible; and

  • Internal audit framework is adequately being implemented effectively and institutionalized

3.Duties & responsibilities of the auditor

The auditor’s terms of reference will cover the external audit of the SPHCDA’s financial statements for the fiscal year, running from January 1 to December 31, 2021. The audit will be carried out in accordance with International Standards of Auditing (ISA), and provided sufficient evidence to substantiate the accuracy of the financial statement and fairness in its representation.

The engaged firm will audit the BSPHCDA’s PHC MOU accounts as well as other BSPHCDA accounts deemed necessary to verify that the;

  1. Financial statements are prepared, in all materials respects, in accordance with IFRS and other applicable financial reporting standards &frameworks, and give a true & fair view of the BSPHCDA RI MOU’s financial position.

  2. Books of Accounts and other financial records are properly maintained, and in accord with the financial statements

  3. Financial transactions recorded in the statement are in accordance with rules, regulations and budgetary provisions as captured in the PHC MOU agreement &BSPHCDA’s financial management policies & procedures, where necessary, the auditor will verify records of financial transaction at lower levels i.e. LGAs, Wards & Health facilities

  4. Internal control systems are adequate to effectively manage identified risks and proposal made for system improvement.


The above listed duties & responsibilities do not in any way restrict the audit procedures that the auditor may wish to deploy in forming an opinion on the financial statement being audited.


The main deliverable of the exercise will be an Auditor’s Report, which clearly captures the auditor’s opinion on whether the financial statement is a true & fair representation of the PHC MOU program financial dealings over the course of the fiscal year running from January 1 to December 31, 2021. The Auditor’s Report will include but not limited to the following sections;

  1. An opinion on the financial statements which will include;

  1. an opinion regarding the true & fair representation of the financial transactions of the fiscal year by the financial statement & supporting documentation;

  2. the financial reporting standards & regulations that have been applied, indicating the effects of any deviations from them; and

  3. the International Audit Standards that were applied

  1. An accompanying Management Letter, which will include;

  1. Comments& observations on the accounting records, systems and controls that were examined during the course of the audit;

  • Comments will cover both records of transactions undertaken at State, LGA, Ward & Health facility levels.

  1. Specific deficiencies & weaknesses in accounting systems & controls and recommend interventions & to improve the system;

  2. Observations on the degree of compliance with statutory laws & regulations, and comments on internal & external factors driving non-compliance;

  3.  Matters that come to the attention of the auditors during the audit that might have a significant impact on effective implementation of sustainability of the RI program;

  4. Observations on the implementation status of recommendations from previous periodic audit reports;           

  5. Comments on any other matters that the auditor considers pertinent to be brought to the attention of BSPHCDA’s team leadership.
















  1. Important Timelines:



Due date


  • SPHCDA issues award letter to selected Audit firm and signs contract with the firm


5th– 6thof January2022


  • Audit commences


17th of January, 2022


Auditor completes rounds up state level audit and commences LGA & HF level audits


15th of February 2022


Auditor develops draft report and share with the SPHCDA not later than 6 weeks from commencement or latest 2 weeks before end of March 2021(whichever comes first)

14th of March 2022


  • The finalized Auditor’s Report and the accompanying BSPHCDA’s Management responses will be submitted to the BSPHCDA by the Auditor not later than 31st of March 2022Audit commences


31st of March 2022



5.Duties & Responsibilities of the BSPHCDA

The BSPHCDA will grant the Auditor access to the Financial Statements supporting documents, legal documents, correspondence and any other information associated with the Financial Statements or deemed necessary by the Auditor for execution of the exercise.



4.1 Prerequisites for Tender Submission:

The following are minimum requirements for eligibility to participate in this tendering process. The Audit firm must

  1. Be registered to do business in Nigeria

  2. Have valid up- to- date tax clearance certificates

  3. Have valid certificate to provide audit services in Nigeria


4.2Contents of the proposal

The bidding firms will submit a technical proposal & cost proposal

Technical Proposal

In preparing the technical proposal, bidding firms are expected to examine all the documents constituting this RFP in detail. Material deficiencies in providing the requested information may result in disqualification of the proposal. All proposals will be written in English language.

The technical proposal will provide the following information, where relevant using the attached standard forms;

  1. Technical proposal Cover Letter: See form 1 –Covering letter

  2. Company background: See Form 2 –Company information. Bidding firms must also include company registration documents (CAC & State registration where applicable), Tax clearance certificate, contract completion certificates & financial statements.

  3. Relevant experience: Forms 3- Relevant experience including client references & the contact information.

  4. Qualification & experience of key staff:

Form 4 - List of the proposed professional staff by specialty and the tasks that would be assigned to each team member on the exercise.

Form 5- CV template to be completed for each participating staff recently signed by the authorized representative submitting the proposal.Key information will include number of years of experience, and degree of responsibility held in previous audit engagements.

Please note that the listed staff will need to be available and participate in the exercise over the contracted period. In cases where this is not possible, staff of similar background & experience can be nominated as replacement, and require approval by the SPHCDA before staffing.

  1. Audit approach & methodology: Detailed description of the audit methodology &work plan for performing the assignment including a comprehensive time schedule

  2. Project understanding statement: Form 6

  3. Any additional information

Any interlineations, insertion, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if the person or persons signing the bid have authenticated the same, with their respective signature alongside such interlineations, insertion, erasures or overwriting.

In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copies, the bid shall be disqualified. 


Cost Proposal

In preparing the cost proposal, bidding firms are expected to examine all the documents constituting this RFP in detail. The financials will provide the following information, using the attached forms in Nigerian Naira.

  1. Cost Cover Letter: Form 7 – Cover letter accompanying cost proposal & including the total cost for proposed services inclusive of taxes

  2. Summary of cost: Form 8- List of all cost associated with the audit exercise categorized as follows:

  • Staff remuneration

  • Reimbursement expenses (e.g., Per Diem, transportation, equipment, printing of documents, accommodation where applicable)

  • Taxes, fees and other charges

4.3 RFP Evaluation Process

The following considerations will be given during the RFP proposal evaluation process:

  1. All bids are to be submitted in 2 envelopes: 1-Technical Envelopes and 2-Cost Proposal. Each envelope should enclose both an original and a duplicate copy of each proposal

  2. Extension of deadline for submission of bids: If the need arises, SPHCDA may, in its sole discretion, extend the deadline for submission of bids by amending the RFP. In such event, all rights and obligations of SPHCDA and bidders will be subject to the new deadline. All bidders will be notified by the SPHCDA of the extension

  3. Late bids: Any bid received by SPHCDA after the deadline for submission of bids will be summarily rejected and may be returned unopened to the bidder. SPHCDAwill not be responsible for any postal delay or non-receipt / non-delivery of any documents. 

  4. Opening of bids: All bids received by the SPHCDA in response to this RFP will be opened. Both technical & cost proposals will be opened at a bid opening event to which all bidders will be invited.

  5. Review of bids: The bids shall be assessed for compliance with RFP requirements and either accepted or rejected accordingly; technical proposals will be evaluated and ranked first prior to the opening of the cost proposals.

  6. Clarification of bids: During evaluation of bids, the BSPHCDA may, at its discretion, ask the bidder(s) for a clarification of its bid. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing. If the response to the clarification is not received by the SPHCDA before the expiration of the deadline prescribed in the written request for clarification, SPHCDA reserves the right to make its own reasonable assumptions at the total risk and cost of the bidder.

  7. Rejection of bids: In the event a bidder makes an effort to influence the BSPHCDA in its decisions on bid evaluation, bid comparison or selection of the successful bidder, it may result in rejection of such bidder’s bid.

  8. Determination of successful bidder: The successful bidder shall be determined on the basis of technical competence and cost effectiveness 

  9. Evaluation of the Bids: The evaluation committee will evaluate the technical proposals on the basis of their responsiveness to the terms of reference, applying the evaluation criteria in the table below:



Mandatory/Statutory Requirements




  1. Valid Practicing Certificate

  2. Attached certified copy of certificate of incorporation

  3. Attached certificate copy of valid VAT certificates

  4. Attached certificate copy of valid Tax compliance certificate 

Note: Only firms meeting the mandatory criteria will be advanced to phase 2

Failure to submit all documents required shall lead to rejection of the proposal




Firms Relevant Experience for the Assignment

Maximum Point



Experience in Similar Assignment conducted in public and private sector (5 points for each client reference for a minimum of 4 clients). The firm must demonstrate experience of at least 10 years in audit assignment





Methodology and Approach




Understanding of TOR

  • Conformity to TOR

  • Consultants Initiative and comments on the TOR




Appropriateness of Methodology and work plan

  • Completeness of description of methodology




Project Scheduling, Manning, Allocation of proposed staff and final report outline




Human Resource Capacity




Lead Consultants General education background, professional qualifications, training, length of experience and duration with the firm




Demonstrated experience in the design and execution of audit assignment and overall provision of leadership in audits




Other professional Staff education experience, positions held and duration with the firm








Each technical proposal will be given a technical score. Proposal that does not achieve a minimum score of 70 marks will not proceed to the stage of cost proposal evaluation.

The evaluation committee will then evaluate the cost proposals of qualifying bidders.

The formula for determining the cost proposal score will be as follows:

Sc = 100 x Cmin/Cbidder


Sc   = Cost of Proposal Score

Cmin= Cost of Bidder with Minimum cost

Cbidder= Cost of bid being evaluated


Proposals will be ranked according to their technical (St) and cost (SC) proposal scores

STotal=St + SC


  1. Negotiations: BSPHCDA will invite the highest scoring bidder to a negotiation meeting aimed at reaching agreement on all points, before developing a contract agreement.

Negotiations will include a detailed discussion of the technical proposal: BSPHCDA and the highest scoring bidder will agree on a final TOR, staffing & work plan to be inserted in contract agreement. BSPHCDA and the highest scoring bidder will also negotiate the final cost of exercise, to be inserted in the contract agreement.

BSPHCDA will reserve the right to invite the runner-up bidder for negotiations, if an agreement is not reached with the highest scoring bidder.

  1. Award of contract: The BSPHCDA will issue a letter of acceptance (“LOA”) in duplicate to the successful bidder, who would be required to sign and return the duplicate copy of the LOA as acknowledgement within 7 (seven) days of the receipt. In the event the duly signed duplicate copy of the LOA by the successful bidder is not received within the stipulated 7 (seven) days, the SPHCDA shall have the option to either extend such time limit for the receipt of the duplicate copy or contact the next in line to the successful bidder.

  2. Signing of service agreement: The successful Bidder will be required to sign a service agreement prepared by the BSPHCDA within two weeks of acceptance of offer.

  3. Annulment of award: Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the requirements captured in this RFP and /or the provisions of the service agreement will constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award of the bid. In such case, the BSPHCDA will have the right to replace the successful bidder with the next bidder in line. Thereafter, the previously appointed successful bidder will have no rights.



This section outlines the various forms that are required to be completed and submitted with the RFP Proposal


Dated: …………….

The Executive Chairman,

Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency

Bauchi State


Re: “Selection of External Auditors to Review Financial Management activities on Primary Health Care at Bauchi State Primary Heath Care Development Agency”

Dear Sir,

Attached to this letter is the authority regarding Power of Attorney appointing me/us as designated person(s) to make these representations for and on behalf of the bidder (insert company name) in respect of the proposal above, dated ________, issued by Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency For and on behalf of the bidder, I/we confirm:

  1. Our offer is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the RFP issued by the Bauchi State PHCDA, and we agree to sign the Service Agreement enclosed with the RFP, and we have initialed each page of it to convey our acceptance;

  2. That the offer contained in the proposal attached to this letter is a firm offer which will remain open for the proposal validity period referred to in the RFP, including any extension of the proposal validity period as may be agreed by us;

  3. That BSPHCDA may by written notice extend the period of proposal validity period and the proposal attached

  4. That the Bidder accepts the terms and conditions stipulated in RFP for the selection process and undertakes to perform its obligations accordingly; and

  5. That attached to this letter are all documents and information as required by the RFP


Name………………………………………….    Signature………………………………………………………







1. Information about bidding firm:

(a) Nature of the bidding organization

(a) A sole proprietorship

(b) A partnership

(c) A limited company or corporation

(d) Limited liability partnership    







(b) Brief introduction

Registered name of bidder











(c) Main businesses

In Nigeria or internationally

Date of incorporation

Under present management since (Year)




(d) Management

Chairman of Board

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer







(e) List of shareholders

Name of shareholders/Ownership percentage




2. (a) Information about designated person(s)













1. Organization Chart showing the structure of the organization, including the names of the directors and position of officers shall be attached / submitted

2 Attach certificate of registration of company



Name of the bidder:


1. Name of the project:

2. Location:

3. Project details:

Commencement date


4. Bidder(s) role in the project

5. Name, address, contact person, tel./fax of other members and their roles in the project:


6. Financing arrangement (if any):




1. Relevant experience for this purpose shall mean procurement of similar or related items or relevant experience in other countries

2. Bidder shall provide self-attested copies of all the documents regarding experience

3. Please use separate sheet for each project



a. The bidder shall provide self-attested copies along with affidavit of its audited financial statements/income tax returns and other financial data for the preceding three years. The statements shall include, but not limited to:

i. Audited financial accounts including balance sheet, profit and loss accounts statements

ii. Information supporting evaluation of the company’s financial and legal status, if required Additional

b. The information provided shall be detailed enough to demonstrate, and allow evaluation of the bidder’s financial capability to fulfill its obligations, if selected as successful bidder

c. List of bankers along with name and addresses from who references can be obtained. Listing of bankers shall be deemed as authorization by the bidders for the SPHCDA to request such references and for bankers to release them to the SPHCDA



(On the letterhead of the bidder)

Date __________


The Executive Chairman,

Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency


Re: “Selection of External Auditors to review Financial Management activities on Bauchi Primary Health Care (BSPHCDA)

We have read and understood the Request for Proposal (RFP) document in respect of the captioned project provided to us. We hereby agree and undertake as under the terms and conditions of the RFP.

Notwithstanding any qualifications of conditions, whether implied or otherwise, contained in our proposal we hereby represent and confirm that our proposal is unqualified and unconditional in all respects and we agree to the terms of the proposed procurement service agreement, a draft of which also forms a part of the RFP provided to us. Our proposal is for Bauchi state as specified in this RFP.


Dated this ……… Day of …………………. 2021

Name of the bidder:

Signature of the authorized person:

Name of the authorized person:





Auditor Independence

The auditor must be completely impartial and independent from all aspects of the BSPHCDAs management or having financial interest in the entity being audited. The auditor should not, during the period covered by the audit nor during the undertaking of the audit, be employed by, serve in any capacity as a staff of the BSPHCDA or have any financial or close business relationship with any senior participant in the management of the BSPHCDA. The Audit firm should disclose any relationship that might possibly compromise their independence. Any impending legal actions or potential conflict of interest should be cleared by the Audit firm before providing the service.

Access to facilities and Documents

The external auditor appointed by the BSPHCDA will have access to all books, records and other documentation necessary for the performance of the audit. They will have right of access to banks documents, contractors and other persons engaged by the Agency over the period of the audit review. The agency finance staff will also be required to provide valuation of all fixed asset (or a fixed asset register).

Validity of facts

The Audit firm must certify that each statement made with regard to the proposal is accurate and factual, and that the Agency reserves the right to verify any information provided, and any false statement will lead to the rejection of proposal

 Request for Proposal Process Timeline






Publication of RFP


7th  – 21st  of December 2021


Last Date for Questions about RFP

Audit Firms

21st of December 2021


Last Date for publication of answers to RFP


21st December 2021


Last date of submission of proposal

Audit Firms

24thof December 2021


Completion of evaluation


5thof January, 2021


Contract Award


5th-6thJanuary 2022


Contract Terms & Condition Review

6BSPHCDA/Audit Firm

6th-8th January 2022


Contract Signing


4th-11th January 2022


Contract /Project Start Date

Audit Firms

17th January, 2022





Clarification and amendment of RFP document

Any participating firm may request further clarification on matters pertaining to the RFP by submitting questions in writing. This should be done within the stipulated timeline. No official of the Agency should be contacted to discuss the RFP. Communication with staff of the agency outside the stipulated guidelines, on the approved channel of communication will be frowned at. If discovered that any firm obtained any information outside the approved channel, the Agency reserves the right to disqualify such firms having obtained unfair advantage. All inquiries relating to the RFP will be treated without recourse to the initiator of the questions.


The Bauchi state is to establish Local Government Health Care Authorities in the 20 Local Government Areas with full fledge advisory Committees and Management teams.

This was disclosed by the Executive Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency Adamu Ibrahim Gamawa during a sensitization meeting with the 20 LGAs Caretaker Chairmen held at Lamonde Hotel, Jos.

Adamu Gamawa said the Objective of the meeting is to share with State and LGA Caretaker Chairmen the National guidelines and discuss to agree on process for the formation of Local Government health Authorities according to the guidelines.

Executive Chairman further stated that, Nigeria instituted a national policy, ‘bringing PHC under one roof’ to integrate management of Primary Health Care and end fragmentation in the sector.

He said Primary Care Health Board, Management team; Local Government Health Authorities and Practitioners all have an important role to play in the implementation Primary Health Care Under one roof in the State.

He indicated that under EU-Unicef  (MNCHN)project, Bauchi State developed these far-reaching governance initiatives and reform to address fragmentation and dysfunctionality.

Adamu Gamawa stated that, integrated system brings primary care services together under one management structure, stating that under the new system Primary health institutions can be streamlined to provide better services for people and improved health outcomes.

He explained that Bauchi State has gone far in the Implementation of the system in which all staffs have been deployed to the Agency where all their appointments, promotions and disciplinary cases will be handled.

He disclosed that during the last Assessment Bauchi State was placed first in Northern East and Third best in the country in term of implementation processes.

In their separate remarks the Honourable Commissioners of Health and that Information and Culture Dr Halima Mukkaddas and Idrees Mohammed Abdullahi respectively  indicated that, there is  need for the Chairmen to fully understand their roles in the implementation as expectations on them is quite enormous.


In his presentation the Unicef Consultant Olusunde Oluseyi said a lot of works needs to be done to reach everybody with quality health care in the state.

Oluseyi said the key objective is to ensure increased in coverage and quality of health services as well as access quality services at all levels adding that a productive working relationship between the Board and management team is therefore essential for moving primary health care forward.

Under the new arrangement according to National Guideline all Local Government will have Local Government Health Authority with advisory committee to oversee and ensure implementation of Primary Health Care in accordance with established guidelines while the Management team at the Local Government level has the operational role.

In his response on behalf the 20 Local government caretaker Chairmen Adamu Abubakar the Chairman Bauchi Local Government area expressed commitment of the Local Government Chairmen with a view to establish Local Government Health Authorities and inaugurate all committees soonest.

Bauchi State Introduces Integrated Community Case Management

Integrated Community Case Management is a new strategy aimed strengthening health care delivery at the community and Bauchi has keyed in to the Programme.

To kick start the programme, 35 Health Expert participated in a six days training of TOT workshop on the programme at Jamil Guest Inn in Bauchi supported EU-UNICEF MNCHN Project.

Integrated community case management is a strategy to train support and supply community health workers to provide diagnosis and treatment for multiple Illnesses specifically Pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria for sick Children of Families with difficult access to case management at facilities.

The train the trainers are out to build the capacity of participants to ensure that quality is adhered to by community oriented resource persons (CORPs).

Chief of Unicef field Office, Bauchi Abdulaye Kaikai said Unicef and Primary Health Care Development Agency is working towards sourcing manpower for functional primary health care.

He said 35 Trainers are to train CORPs to provide services in communities

Abdulaye Kaikai urged them to take advantage of the training to acquire the required skills and knowledge.

Presentative of Federal Ministry of health Dr Bosede Ezekwe said Nigeria adopted integrated community case management in 2014 whereby from two states the strategy has been scaled up to seven states.

She urged Bauchi state to look at sustainability beyond the EU Unicef project.

Executive Chairman State Primary Health Care Development Agency Adamu Ibrahim Gamawa said the integrated community case management seeks to improve service delivery. The 35 train the trainers are expected to train 2000 CORPs across the State.

Adamu Gamawa also called on participants to be accountable in their assignments.

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