Update on NSHIP Activities 


•Services to be purchased

•Utilization of Funds by the HFs

•Summary of NSHIP activities

•Success Story



NSHIP stands for Nigeria State Health Investment Project.

•It is an initiative of the FGN, in collaboration with the World Bank, which aims to introduce a new innovative approach towards financing health care in the country.

•It is a form of RBF

Quality of services

•  PBF is not only concern on quantity of services, but also on quality.

Within the few months of implementation of PBF in Bauchi, we have noticed a gradual improvement in the quality of services


NSHIP is a Health Sector reform that use RBF to:

  • Motivate the Health Workers

  • Brings about transparency and accountability

  • Focus on results rather than outputs

  • Use high impact maternal and child health interventions

  • Increases both quantity and quality of services at HFs

  • PROMOTE Active participation of the community in Health care delivery

  • Autonomy of HF

•The project which was initially piloted in Adamawa, Nassarawa and Ondo States in 2012 was scaled up to cover the remaining States of the North East, as part of the efforts of the Federal Government to rehabilitate and re-establish health services that are either damaged or destroyed by the Boko Haram Insurgency.

It is a performance- based financing, meaning HFs are paid based on their performance( quantity and quality)

•Payment is done quarterly after verification and validation

Services to be purchased

•MPA services 23

•CPA Services 21

MPA Service

  • New outpatient consultation

  •    Minor Surgery

  •   Referred patient arrived at the Cottage Hospital

  •  Completely vaccinated Child

  •  Growth monitoring visit Child 0-23 months

  •  Growth monitoring visit Child 24-59 months

  • Admin of Vit A caps (6 monthly)

  • New case of acute malnutrition and/or ambulatory care acc to protocol for MAM

  • Suppl of Iron Folate to Pregnant Women

  • 2-5 Tetanus Vaccination of Pregnant Women